A range of award-winning flavoured liqueurs. Developed by the Antiche Distillery and World Bartending Champion Jamie Stephenson, Volare liqueurs provide versatility and dynamism. The secret of Volare’s success is world class liquid at market beating prices. The bottle is designed with flair in mind; the base is perfectly weighted in relation to the neck and shoulders providing balance and poise. Volare is available in a range of different flavours. Distinguished by the revolutionary Pro-Pour system – an integrated, retractable, speed pourer. This has been exclusively developed for Hi-Spirits. The result is increased efficiency, hygiene and versatility. Find out more at www.VolareCocktails.it

Flavours available

Amaretto 25% ABV
Apricot Brandy 22% ABV
Sour Apple 20% ABV
Banana 22% ABV
Blackberry 20% ABV
Blueberry 15% ABV
Blue Curaçao 20% ABV
Butterscotch 20% ABV
Creme de Cacao (brown) 20% ABV
Creme de Cacao (white) 20% ABV
Cassis 16% ABV
Cherry Brandy 22% ABV
Cinnamon Red 20% ABV
Espresso Coffee 20% ABV
Coconut 20% ABV
Forest Fruit 20% ABV
Sour Grapefruit 15% ABV
Grenadine –
Limoncello 27% ABV
Kiwi 20% ABV
Lychee 20% ABV
Green Melon 22% ABV
Green Apple 20% ABV
Peppermint (Green) 22% ABV
Peppermint (White) 22% ABV
Orange Curaçao 20% ABV
Passion Fruit 18% ABV
Peach 20% ABV
Raspberry 20% ABV
Red Bitters 25% ABV
Sprizzer 11% ABV
Strawberry 20% ABV
Triple Sec 20% ABV
Vanilla 20% ABV
Watermelon 20% ABV

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