Hi-Spirits In-House Creative Support

As Hi-Spirits has continued to grow, the functions of the in-house creative department have evolved from a ‘one-stop shop’ covering all brand creative and execution to more of a supporting role.

With this in mind, we are looking to reshape hi-spirits.studio, and as someone that found this useful in the past, would appreciate your feedback.

Please answer these few simple questions. Any responses are valuable and all comments are anonymous. This will help us to understand the needs of the teams and gauge which areas can be improved and create clear next steps of how to reshape the in-house creative offering.

e.g speed / cost / brand familiarity
e.g. print design / packaging design / campaign support / branding
(short – mid – long term)
What services would you like in-house creative to offer?
e.g. better communication, faster turnaround, increased service offering.