Shetland botanicals are infused with juniper, coriander and other botanicals, including lime, before being steeped in natural mineral water to release their gentle flavours to give the gin its unique and complex character.

Each year, the botanicals are harvested by hand – changing slightly with each harvest due to the quality and quantity available. The distillation is then done in small batches using a traditional copper pot still.

Tasting notes (40%):
An abundance of citrus on the nose with gentle floral notes to follow. Extremely smooth yet crisp with citrus, herbal and floral notes coming through on the palate.

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Gold Medal (Blackwoods Vintage 40%) 2013 San Francisco Spirits  Competition

Bronze Medal (Blackwoods Vintage 60%) 2013 San Francisco Spirits Competition

Bronze Medal (Blackwoods Vintage 60%) 2013 International Spirits Challenge

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40%, 60%

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