The King of Soho

Distilled in the heart of London, The King of Soho is bespoke, smooth and full bodied; soft juniper with a high presence of citrus botanicals balanced by cassia and angelica root.

Created as a tribute to Paul Raymond by his son Howard. Affectionately known as the ‘King of Soho’, Paul Raymond was an entertainment and property tycoon who played a pivotal role in the cultural and social liberation of British society.

Paul helped Soho become an area rich in art, music and modern culture. Over the years Soho has become an international synonym for creativity, hedonism and nonconformity; a place where anything goes. With this gin we pay tribute to its King and celebrate the ‘spirit’ of Soho.

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Tasting notes:

A clean and gentle nose which belies its strength, opening up to reveal classic juniper and pine notes with a refreshing zest of citrus oil.

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